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Stag Party Do’s and Don’ts
Stag party is the final hurrah for the groom-to-be. Saying “I do” would change a lot of things and this party is considered to be the last time for the man to be single. After this, another life awaits for him which is completely
How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Cake?
Planning your wedding is the start of living in a beautiful dream. Conceptualizing your wedding theme, thinking about the budget and preparations, finding your bridal dress, and setting every important details to mark the special event of your life is simply exciting. The process
Bridal Shower Gift Giving Ideas
A bridal shower is one of the most important part in the lives of every woman who is about to tie the knot with someone they have chosen to live for the rest of their lives. This is one of the times when the
Summer-Wedding Made Fun: Plan Your Wedding With These Easy Tips
What is more bright and romantic than a summer wedding? You and your loved one in tears exchanging your vows while your sweat is also racing at your temples. The warm air tosses your hair giving it a kiss of frizz. The beautiful grassy
Wedding Themes For Every Season: When Do You Want to Tie the Knot?
Instinctively, you may already know what your wedding would be like or you need a few more ideas around. When it comes to the possibilities, they are always endless and you are free to give your own individual touch on that special day. Yet,
Wedding Traditions: Origins and Meanings (Part 2)
It is interesting that the wedding traditions we enjoy today have origins way back in the ancient period. We discussed the origins of the bridal bouquet and the wedding garter in the previous blog. Now, let us find out the others and know more
Wedding Gift Etiquette: The Rules to Live By
Gifts are not just a mere selection of an item to be given to a person. They are meaningful and reflect the relationship you have with the person. This is also a great way to showcase your creativity when it comes to giving gifts
Wedding Traditions: Origins and Meanings (Part 1)
There are lots of details that makes a wedding hyper-exciting. From the bridal dress to the stuffs in the reception including the favors and cake, everything seems to be a delight for the guests and the couple. However, not all sees it in a
A Complete Checklist for a Retro Wedding
What could be more romantic than to have a historical love story that would persevere through time? This is basically one among the many reasons why retro or vintage weddings are extremely popular. Simply, you have to choose a specific time period and absorb
Wedding Colors For The Vibrant Bride
Received your engagement ring? You might are very excited about planning all the details necessary for your big day! Well, who wouldn’t be, being together in symbolic union with the person whom you love is something that worth all the excitement after all. This
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